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How to avoid becoming chairman of the bored

You might know some friends or relatives who love what they do; they are living their dream jobs. Also, you might know some who have way too much to do and not enough time to do it. If you’re like those people, cool. You have no problem with feeling bored at work. However, not everyone can be lucky (if that’s how you call it).

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At some point at your career, perhaps you’ve already felt the sense of dullness, feeling unchallenged, disillusioned, stuck in a rut, or just plain bored. On some occasion or another, you might feel dissatisfied with your job or even your choice of career. It can be hard to feel motivated to get tasks done, and when productivity goes down, you might feel stressed.

Sure, most of us love our job and we know that it’s a good fit to our skills and personality. However, there are some businesses, industries or job positions that that have natural cycles of activity. This means that there will be times when things are crazy busy and you’re totally engaged. And there will also be times when things slow down and you find yourself going kind of stir crazy.

During those times when you are not under pressure to perform, have a lot of time with fewer tasks, or we simply feel like we don’t want to do anything, those are the moments when we often feel bored.

Basically, boredom is actually not a bad thing. Without getting bored, we can miss out on the more fulfilling parts of our lives, because we need a little boredom as a warning signal that we have become unproductive, unfulfilled or stagnant. On the other hand, too much boredom at work can be dangerous. It can cause harm not only to you, but to your employer and workmates as well.

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