Satellite Communication

Satellite communication systems for mining & exploration industry

Nowadays, satellite phones are the in thing especially for those who need to be in the wilderness for their work like those who work in mining sites. Satellite phones or sat phones are devices with global coverage, but they are not for ordinary use. This type of phone is not for ordinary people; only those with extreme lifestyle and extraordinary job are advisable to use a sat phone.

Satellite communication systems for mining & exploration industryAlmost all of us these days have mobile phones. We use our cell phones at home, inside the office, inside our cars or streets. However, mobile phones are usually unattainable in the middle of the ocean, mountains, desert, and other remote places. Hence, if you’re in such places but need a device for your communication, a sat phone can be extremely useful.

A sat phone receives and delivers phone calls through an artificial satellite that orbits our planet. The charges for this type of service are normally high because of its maintenance requirements – maintaining such an advanced communications method is highly technical and expensive. However, these charges are all worth it if you look at the advantages you can get especially if you’re in the mining or construction industry.

Communication is very important and sat phones are very helpful regardless of your location or time.


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