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‘The windmill is disappearing’ from our landscape: One farmer’s mission to save rural relics

You probably have already seen the plastic wind mills that some homeowners use for their yard decorations. However, the wind mill is far more than just a decoration hundreds of years ago. It has been used for to grind grains or draw water from deep wells. These days, the wind mill (or wind turbine as it is sometimes referred to) is a useful tool for generating clean, renewable electricity.

An older couple stand smiling with their arms around each other's shoulders outdoors in front of a windmill.

Nowadays, the most common type of wind mill you can see is a small or large one that has a horizontal axis. They commonly have three or more blades that spin in the wind; this causes a shaft at the centre to spin as well. The shaft turning provides the energy for a small generator which converts the mechanical energy that is used in grinding rice and other grains. There are also some that use wind mills to convert mechanical energy into electricity.

Apart from being used as yard and garden decorations, wind mills can be used to generate free electricity. Modern homeowners can set up windmill outside of their house, or roof in some instances. From there, wiring is used to connect it to the house’s electricity system. The electricity produced goes directly into the house. However, they have to make sure that there is enough wind in the area.

In Perth, some farms still have an old wind mill that might have once been used to draw water from the well. Modern farmers especially, can benefit from setting up wind farms. a farmer can power many things on his farm. In addition, if the whole system produces less than five megawatts, he can benefit from the feed in tariff with the use of wind mill.

An 82-year old Jim Sawyer has been spending his twilight years bringing old and forgotten windmills back to life. Continue reading at:

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