Beginners guide to online casino

Online casino is the online version of landbased casinos. It makes gambling accessible to everyone through the internet. Players can now access their favourite casino games right from their desktop or mobile devices. You can learn more about gambling online at

Types of online casinos

Online casinos are grouped into three main categories depending on the software used. These include web-based casinos, where users play without downloading software in their computer, download-based which requires downloading of software client to play, and virtual reality category which delivers 360 degrees of gaming experience to gamblers.

  • Games in web-based online casino are provided in browser plugins, such as Macromedia Shock-wave.
  • Download-based software connects to casino service provider, handling contact without the assistance of browser.
  • Visual reality on the other hand, has provided online casino users with many features and unique products thus combining best software aspects and live games with additions of visual reality.
  • Web-based software requires a stable internet connection to experience a wonderful and uninterrupted gaming experience.

There are many games offered in different types of online casinos.They include visual casino games, whose outcomes are determined by pseudorandom number generator, a software which ensures results from played games are unpredictable. There are also Live Dealer Casino Games whose outcomes are determined by real time results.

The bonus offered

Most online casinos provide new players making their first deposit with sign-up bonuses. These bonus help in marketing and attracting more players who will make more deposits in the future. The bonuses help in gaining a player's commitment to wager a minimum amount before being allowed to withdraw.

Online casinos have a wagering requirement as a way of ensuring players don't walk away with their money after claiming the offered bonus. They may also decide to restrict specific games from the wagering requirements to stop players from playing games that are less profitable to their website.

Types of bonuses

Online casinos offer different types of bonuses. These include non-cashable bonuses, no deposit bonuses or cashback bonuses, referral bonuses and welcome bonus among others. All these bonuses are beneficial to gamblers in different ways and encourage them to participate more. The bonuses also increase their chances of winning

  • Welcome bonus-the deposit match bonus offered for a player's first ever made deposit.
  • Referral bonus- offered to referee and referrer.Referee gets bonus for registering an account and mentioning the referrer.

The cashback bonus is given as a percentage of all losses from a player's bet. The no deposit bonus is offered to attract new players and do not require any deposits, and non-cashable bonus are part of the player's balance but can't be withdrawn.

Casinos fraudulent behaviors

Fraudulent behaviour in various online casinos has been documented by forums advocating for players. The casino players community has named fraudulent behaviour casinos and rogue casinos. The rogue casinos have been blacklisted by player forums and gambling portals. These behaviours include refusal to pay legitimate winners among others.

The issue of legality in online casinos is a common topic of discussion. The legislation of online gambling always has loopholes resulting from rapid technological development that underpins the industry's development. Countries like Belgium, Finland, Sweden, Canada do not offer foreign licence and have strict monopolies of gambling.


The bonus disputes

The bonus disputes are common between online casinos and players. Many online casinos refer to players who win games using bonuses claimed from signing up many accounts as bonus abusers. However, casino fraud refers to the changing of bonus requirements by casinos after players attain them.

  • Online casinos bonus disputes also result from the use of buffer sites by some casinos to market non-existent reward programs and bonuses on their websites, as a way of tricking people into joining their site.

Despite online gambling helping in improving living standards of many people, not all the sites are legit. It is however difficult to pinpoint which one has fraudulent behavior since all online casinos offer free play services. Players are advised to be keen when venturing into online casinos.